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January 15, 2010

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TAI Class Action
– Finally Closed –

The class action lawsuit against Thousand Adventures and their cronies has finally concluded after about 11 years of effort by Mr. Napier, NAM, several Attorneys General, etc... All that remains is the official public notice that the case is closed.
This article and the attached Adobe PDF file complete that process.



What to do
If your campground tries to cheat you...



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Illinois Court Judgement against

Ronald Ulakovich
and Willow Creek

  • Ulakovich may not own nor operate campgrounds in Illinois.
  • Former members get checks for $500.

( Read the Final Judgment of the Court )


Iowa AG Sues Cutty's RV Resort
For abuse of members...

— And Wins ! —



Pending Class Action Against Scammers

This case is indeed a shot across the bow of others who would engage in such abusive, coersive, and deceptive tactics.

We are presently aggregating complaints from members and former members of the other companies with the possibility of initiating similar action if it is warranted. Those companies include - but are not limited to:

Travel America
5 Star
Timber Lodge
Silent Valley
Advance Resorts of America
and others.


Travel America
& All Seasons

Find out how these companies are abusing their "members" and what those members can do about it...

[ More ]

Previously published articles
Claims, Complaints etc...


NAM Conference Report



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